Monday, January 7, 2013

Wonderful Cake Recipe

I was cruising over at Pinterest and I constantly find all these wonderful dessert recipes that I want to try…soo this year that is what I am going to do, try something new and see if I like it.  Of course my hubby won’t mind that, but some of the recipes may make the kids decide to have Ramen noodles for dinner…lol
First I tried the’s recipe for Coca-Cola Cake! And trust me it was WONDERFUL! She has so many great recipes on her site I will probably test a few of them out first and foremost! Smile
Here is the photos of the cake I made using her recipe:
lathan_3daysold 001lathan_3daysold 002lathan_3daysold 010lathan_3daysold 011
It was super moist and has the best taste! I recommend stopping by her site and printing off a few new recipes for the new year!
Thanks for the awesome recipe Country Cook Blog Author-Brandie! 
My hubby and kids all loved it…but two of the children picked the nuts off the top and added them to my plate, which I didn’t mind at all. lol
Hugs all for a great day!

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