Friday, May 4, 2012

i{NSD} Blog Hop & SALE!

There is soooo much going on in Digi-land this weekend! It is International Scrapbooking Day! Wooohhoooo! Go us! It has and always will be my favorite hobby! :)
Today over at Plain Digital Wrapper we have a ton of fun going on! We have a great blog hop of lots of fabulous designers, gifts in the forum, sales in the store, and just fun all the way around!
I have a sale for 50% off all my products for today (4th May) thru the 6th of May! Don't miss out on the goodies!

I have a question you are supposed to answer in order to get my part of the kit, but I can't get it to work correctly so here it is:
Who gave me the nickname Gator? {how I came up with Digital Gator Designs}
1. Spongebob
2. Mother
3. Plain Digital Wrapper
4. My Hubby

If you guess my hubby you are right! I had an old belt that my mom bought to use for practice leather work that said Gator on it.  My own belt broke so all I had left was the silly one with Gator on the back and I decided to wear it, and my boyfriend decided he liked the name so I became Gator way back

Since you endured that story, I also have my part of the blog train for you here too:

Sorry for the delay, internet issues are crazy! Got it fixed enough to upload my kit!
{Kit available in my store at Plain Digital Wrapper}

Enjoy! :)
Your next Stop is here:

Here are the other stops in case you get lost...
Blog Hop Order:
1. Plaindigitalwrapper Blog (Sandie's gift)

2. Southern Creek Designs Blog (SCD gift 2)

3. Plaindigitalwrapper Forum Happy Place (Linda's Gift)!

4. Scrpncrzy's Blog

5. Southern Creek Designs Facebook Page (SCD gift 3)

6. Linda Alexis Blog (are you still in Linda?)

7. Plaindigitalwrapper Facebook page (SCD gift 4)

8. Paste Optional Designs

9. Digital Gator <---You are here!

10. Designs by Xandra

11. Scraps of Candy

Big hugs for a fabulous InterNational Scrapbooking Day/Weekend!


  1. thank you for letting us know. will check back later!

  2. Great kit, but I can't get it to d/l :(

  3. thank you & happy scrapbooking! :)

  4. I'm late - thank goodness I made it in time :) Thank you so much and I have to say I LOVE your logo!!