Friday, May 16, 2008

Ok, I Need Help....

There comes a time in life when you are trying to grow and life is just too busy and somewhere amidst all the confusion, your brain kicks in and realizes that you need help...
So with that in is my first ever CT and QPT call....

My CT requirements are:
2 layouts per kit, 1 or 2 kits per month...
Upload them to MSS, DST, GP, and 1 other one of your choice.
Post on your assigned day to the DST CTM enabler thread.
Sound fun and simple? I hope me and send me some info about yourself, and a link to your best gallery. Let me know if you are on any other CT's and Newbies are ok to apply too.

Are you really good at making Quick pages? I need someone to help me make pages for the store and for gifts...if you are good at this and would like free kits in exchange let me know. Send me a little info about yourself, a link to your best gallery and which CT's your are on now, if any.
I will discuss what I need from each kit with you personally.

Also you can check my kits and such out in my store at under DigitalGator Designs. Thanks for looking!
All those interested need to apply by May 25th, I will notify you by email if you are chosen or not.
Thanks a bunch,


  1. Good luck with your CT call!! I know about needing help I have a call out right now myself. :)

  2. We just finished a CT call as well! It can be so hard but the return is just awesome. Good luck with your calls!!