Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Holidays!

I got my tree put up and was working on some goodies for the Christmas Around the World Blog Challenge....lots of cool goodies....I can't wait to see the final size of this kit....there are appearently LOTS of different people working on it.
Keep your eyes peeled for all the links... has a thread about it...several other sites are participating too. It has a great color scheme.
I know that my friend Kellie Salmon (whose creative team I belong to) is making a kit too...I have had the privledge of playing with part of it already and it is FABU!

Lots of fun stuff...I got a couple pages done with Kellie Salmon's Girly Girl Kit too....They are made with photos I took of my Ryleigh...she posed with a COnfederate Rose that I picked...both are equally beautiful! lol

Isn't that a pretty kit? You can find it here...

Well off to get some more stuff done....I am making Christmas presents still

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  1. Love your new header! Looks like fantastic kit so far!