Sunday, November 4, 2007


National Digital Scrapbook Day was yesterday....I didn't get to do a lot...but I did play a few games and did a couple of templates challenges done. Had fun a little while anyway.

This page was made using the Blueprints Challenge by Monica at and I used Connie Prince's Color Revolution Gracefully Green Kit.

This page I made using the By the numbers Challenge by Haley at Scrabbook Bytes and I used Connie Prince's Color Revolution Perfectly Pink Kit.

This page I made for the GottaPixel "Color My Pixel Challenge and I made all the stuff on it to match the color pallete that they picked. Lots of fun.
I won a kit at SBB for guessing how "Shes full of Scrap" names her kits....they are all named after I picked the Two Solitudes kit, because it was named after a book, but appearently there is also a song with that
So I won that is GOrgeous!
Gotta go play with it today...
I also participated in the Qp exchange at that was a great kit...can't wait to see all the great pages that we are going to get...
And today I signed up with GottaPixel for the Bragbook exchange by Kathryn Estry, Sarah Myer, and Lynne Simmons....The kit looks fun too...I will show those off later!
Hugs for now,


  1. I am seeing dots! Love the curled corner too on the other sounds like you had a really really great day yesterday.

  2. Great LO's. So pretty and fun. :)