Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hello from the Medical Center Waiting Room...

I sitting here in the waiting room of the hubby had his clavical operated on...had to bone graft it and put a plate in there to hold
We have been here all day...I bet he is starved by now, he was hungry when he finally went in to surgery and now he is probably ready to
He is out of surgery but he is in the recovery room...they are trying to get his oxygen levels up before he will be aloud to leave....he is not going to be happy when they tell him he may have to stay here....maybe they will let him breathe a little while longer and then let us go...Keep him in your prayers.
On other news, I did make the layout of the day at Divine DIgital with a layout that I made of my Step-DD...I used COnnie Prince's Color Revolution Plum Perfect kit to make it....go here to see it
They left some awesome comments for me and
On the news today I saw the awfulness of the guy that shot and killed 8 people in Omaha in Westroads Mall. Yikes, I used to shop there when we lived there. That is really scary and very sad for the 8 families that lost someone right here at CHristmas. And we need to keep them all in our prayers, along with the man who did the shootings' family. There were a few others that were injured but at least they are alive. My three kids' dad, aunt and grandma live there and shop there frequently so it was too close to home for us.
Also please keep my mom in your prayers, she is having a hard time right now with life....and she has a crumby cold to make her really feel bad. My father passed away in 99 and her 2nd hubby passed in 2006, and it seems like the only men she meets are all selfish jerks who take advantage of her old fashioned baby a man to death ways...I pray that she finds a companion that will be as good to her as my dad and step dad have been.
Well, I guess I better get off here and post this...waiting to hear from the nurse on the situation.
Big HUgs and prayers,

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