Monday, December 17, 2007

A little bit of work done....

OMG, what a busy weekend we had...we attempted to repair our living room floor...yikes, can we say Money Pit! It is way worse than we thought it was under it...if it weren't for bad luck, we'd have no luck at all....enough about that depressing subject...
I made a few pages last night....and the night before that...
I used Michelle Swadling's Snow fun kit at for the next two pages...

This is my son Ryan, isn't that the sweetest smile?!

This is me and my brother when we were little. Houston doesn't get but a little bit of snow every 4 years or so...but we scrounge it all up to play in

This is my son Ryan again...I love this picture...he is soooo full of energy that when I press the button he was smiling, but by the time it flashes, this is what I
I used Connie Prince's Chilly Days kit at for this page.
The fonts on these are Hurricane and Letter Gothic Std. They are two great fonts.

My son Alex and a photo of
I used Connie Prince's Chilly days kit...from

These two pages I made using COnnie Prince's Timeless Treasures kit and her great CLuster Templates 2...both are available at
This is my hubby's family that we found while doing research for his family tree. It was sooo cool and they turned out to be such a great bunch of family.

These are my hubby's great aunts on his paternal grandmother's side...they are sooo cute with the bows and the frowns...I just couldn't resist scrapping such a sour face on these bright colors from
The kit is Maia's Garden by Pillowgirl at
I love the colors of it.
Well, I am off to bed...i AM so exhausted...gotta get some rest so my heart can rest too!
Oh, and dont forget all the freebies from SAS this week on their blogs...
Big hugs for now,

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