Friday, December 28, 2007 is Friday...

And Christmas is
I am not a scrooge or anything...I love the holidays and getting to see all of our families and the Eating is the best...but the stress and worries of the extra spending are so agonizing....Our budget is beyond tight right now due to his wreck back in it was majorly stressful just getting the bills paid, let alone buying stuff...but I think we will be ok now. And hopefully they will call me to work a bunch when school starts back. Plus I am trying to get back in school myself and get my certificate to teach maybe by fall I will have a permanent job...keep me in your prayers for that.
We finally got some help on the living room floor. We started on December 15th and it turned in to WAY more work than we expected...the subfloor was not all that was rotten, the beams were they spent the last couple weeks tearing out the rest of the floor....and now they have the new beams added in and are working on the bracing and leveling it...then later today or tomorrow they will put the subfloor back on. Thank God for my brother and his nephew helping my son and my poor injured
And last but not scrap habit....I have so many pages to make...but I am pleased with my total of pages so far. I promised myself I would try to make a page a day and so far this year I have scrapped...................................drum roll that is way more than I tried to get....I think the Ct's inspire me to create and seem to be the motivation to get so many done...Leave me a comment and tell me how many you all got...
Big hugs for now,


  1. I agree with you on Christmas and to have work going on in your home during the holidays Im sure didnt help. I just started scrapping in Nov so I cant even come close to what you have scrap. 495! Wow wee : ) I hope you have a great night.

  2. That is a lot of pages!

    I hope next year is better for you!